• Full wrap in gloss metallic yellow
  • Gold Package ceramic coating: full body, glass, and wheels
  • Chrome delete / black out: window trims, front & rear valance, door handles, tow hooks, badge decal kits applied
  • Orko step rails installed
  • Rivian roof racks and recovery boards installed
  • Fog lights tinted yellow
  • Front windows tinted 50%


R1T & R1S

  • R1T: Full exterior PPF (Front valance, front lights, all blue exterior body panels, door sills, and B-pillars)
  • R1S: Front end PPF (full hood, bumper, valance, front lights, fenders)


“At DRX, we provide a wide range of vehicle customization and protection services. With everything we offer – quality & service are tailored to high-end vehicles. The standards of materials, equipment, and installation are never sacrificed.”